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Leha for Refrigeration Services:

Established in 2010. And since then the company grew at a record speed, and it had branches in various regions in the kingdom, with more than 300 employees working for it, committed to realizing our vision through hard work, determination and strong will, which gave us the lead over the local market. Our use of the highest international standards in trading and storage is proof of our commitment to the interests of our clients to enjoy the best services in the field of refrigerated, frozen and dry storage at competitive prices.

The company's establishment date

It was in 2001 that we started thinking about building the refrigerated warehouses to serve the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors with the building of one refrigerated warehouse, and that was before the establishment of the company. And an expansion was planned according to the client’s needs in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia until the number of branches of the company became eight branches now, and the total storage capacity of the company’s warehouses is 60,000 tons at a time.

Our Vision

The success of Leha for Refrigeration Services lies in the approach taken in its work that integrates the ability to satisfy the client’s needs quickly with fast decision making and between maintaining the international standards of trading and storage. Our business philosophy and our work culture are well-defined with a high sense of responsibility. This principle has formed a major focus and a direct cause for our growth which we achieved in a short time period, The strategy of the company depends on the development of our services through the use of the latest methods used in refrigerated, cool and dry storage and providing a service with affordable and competitive prices backed by the complete protection of our customers, and that is in order to reach the primary objective and focus on a steady growth while achieving profitability, safety and reliability for our customers in the long run. Leha for Refrigeration Services launched to serve the growing and accelerating needs of the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors in the storage sector.

The importance of warehouses for the commercial, industrial and agricultural sector

  • Warehouses are important for agriculture products, It is also a prerequisite for many food industries, and maintaining the balance of the market in terms of supply and demand.

  • Juice concentrate factories, Dates Products, Potatoes Products, dehydrating onions, sauce production, ginger products, garlic products, Vegetable products and frozen vegetables, orange products, mango products, French fries products, frozen meat products, chocolate products, ice cream products, apples, bananas, pears, kiwi and lemon products, fish products, soybeans products, pickle products, pomegranate products, strawberry products and peas products, the factory must store raw materials (vegetables and fruit) and juice concentrates in good conditions to ensure continued manufacturing for these raw materials that goes beyond production seasons, and also meat factories require freezing and cooling warehouses according to the type of product and most often foodstuffs are in need of refrigerated, frozen and dry storage.

Our Missions

Achieving outstanding leadership in the field of refrigrated, frozen and dry storage with the help of a specialized team, one that is trained using the latest modern storage tools for storing all kinds of products. Achieving the quality and safety of the products to achieve total client satisfaction and providing the best possible service for our clients through an integrated team.

Why Us

  • Leha for Refrigeration Services has made sure that the quality and preservation of the product are a top priority according to the implementation of a strict strategy to maintain the quality of the product during distribution and storage.

  • We are committed to achieving the highest level of continuous follow-up throughout the hour and constantly striving to reinforce the satisfaction and confidence of all our clients.

  • Our company stores various products for clients according to the storage conditions in terms of the required temperature, humidity, ventilation, and drying with the utmost accuracy in accordance with the food safety regulations, according to the desire of the beneficiary and the storage conditions required by the product, Through qualified engineers with a lot of experience in the technical requirements of the various products and industries in all of our branches.

  • Finally, our company always seeks to improve the trust and transparency with the customers by providing the best possible service and contents from the reports and data for their store throughout the day.

Our Services


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Refrigerated and cold storage

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Leha for Refrigeration branches


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Dirab Warehouse

(Dirab) warehouse located in Riyadh

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Al-Kharj Warehouse

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Leha for Refrigeration Services

General management of the company

Saudi Arabia Riyadh

the intersection of the fog with the thirtieth street.

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Phone :  +966920006781

Fax :  +966(11)4161145

Mail Box : 365385

Postal code : KSA Riyadh 11393

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