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Leha Factory for Food Products and Dates:

Leha Factory for Food Products and Dates was established in 2015 with a production capacity of 20,000 per year, thence, the growth of our clients’ trust in us and in our product and the great confidence we have received inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our participation was to deal with the largest international companies for date manufacturing by supplying them with the product with the highest quality and efficiency, and supplying all markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the countries of Eastern Europe and all over the world. With our rapid development and growth and the existence of our subsidiaries that provide the largest logistical support that serves our product in terms of quality and efficiency, As well as the best storage and cooling solutions in our enormous project Leha Company for cooling which includes the largest storage warehouses for cooling in Riyadh, Al-Qassim, Ha’il, Wadi Al Dawasir and Jeddah. So that we have the largest storage capacity to serve the manufacturing activity with its derivatives of all the date sources in the Kingdom, In addition to the digitization process that was carried out in all the company’s branches to keep up in the midst of all the technological development by linking all the branches with the main branch and having a central unit in the main branch to facilitate dealing with our clients. All these projects have been electronically connected to a central control network in the main administration in Riyadh. It’s a growth and a development that are witnesses on superiority and excellence over the years.

Work Field

Food, dates and their derivatives.

Strategy and Objectives

First: Vision

Our vision is to always develop the industry, market date products and provide products distinctively according to the latest methods with high quality through high technology in the industry and to increase the production capacity to provide the client’s needs of dates and their derivatives all over the world.

Second: The Message

To achieve excellence in the performance of all our products and take really good care of what satisfies our clients according to the highest standards of quality and creativity and to be a symbol always associated with quality.

Third: Strategic Objectives

We aim to develop our packaging services for others, as well as manufacturing date dough and all date derivatives and the Transformative Industries that will surely raise the economic efficiency.

Obtained Quality Certificates

  • ISO 22000:2005 أسس ومبادئ نظام إدارة سلامة الغذاء
  • ISO9001:2015 نظام إدارة الجودة والمقاييس الدولية
  • HACCP نظام تحليل المخاطر وتحديد النقاط الحرجة
  • شهادة اعتماد LSQA
  • علامة التمور السعودية من المركز الوطني للنخيل
  • شهادة اعتماد سلامة المزارع الصادرة من GLOBALG.A.P
  • تقييم المنشأت الغذائيه
  • شهادة اعتماد مركز خدمات للتمور مابعد الحصاد



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All kinds of dates

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Dates pasta

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Kinds of packed and stuffed dates, vacuum packed

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Leha Factory for Food Products and

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Leha Factory for Food Products and Dates


Riyadh, Al-Kharj

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