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Leha for Agricultural Services:

The largest tree was the product of a seed. Through hard, diligent, earnest work the individual establishment grew into a group of companies. From a small seed that grew in the Saudi desert was the product that was a group of companies that serve that seed. Leha for Agriculture was established in 1995 with a production capacity of 2000 tons. Hence, our growth started with the confidence of our clients in us and in our products, and we have received great trust from them inside and outside the Kingdom. Our participation in the success of the biggest international companies for manufacturing potatoes was in providing them with the product in the highest quality and efficiency inside and outside The Kingdom. As well as reaching out to the consumer and making sure our product is on his table by producing table potatoes whether it was inside The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the countries of The Gulf Cooperation Council or the countries of Eastern Europe. As we developed and grew, we started to establish our own subsidiaries that serve our product and clients, as we introduced a fleet of refrigerated trucks in 2003 which satisfies our needs and our clients’ of transportation to reach the fastest of solutions to meet the requirements of our clients inside and outside The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We also introduced the best storage and refrigeration solutions by creating our giant project under the name Leha for Refrigeration Services which includes the biggest refrigeration and storage warehouses in Riyadh, Al-Qassim, Ha’il, Wadi Al Dawasir and Jeddah. In addition to the digitization process that was carried out in all the company’s branches to keep up in the midst of all the technological development by linking all the branches with the main branch and having a central unit in the main branch to facilitate dealing with our clients. All these projects have been electronically connected to a central control network in the main administration in Riyadh. It’s a growth and a development that are witnesses on superiority and excellence over the years.

Agricultural Projects


Al Jawf Project

Al Jawf Region is located north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at…Read more »

Ha'il Project

Ha’il Region is located in the middle of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at…Read more »

Wadi Al Dawasir Project

Wadi Al Dawasir is located south of the…Read more »

The Products


Table Potatoes

Leha produces table potatoes and packs it in special packages as desired by the…Read more »

Processed Potatoes

Leha produces various types of Potatoes for manufacturing, whether it was for…Read more »

Animal Feed

Leha produces green fodder such as Berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum)…Read more »

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Oil supply contract

Leha for Agricultural Services signed a partnership contract to supply oils from Shell
Read more »

Mawamaa Certificate 2023

In order to implement the highest standards of safety and provide a suitable environmentRead more »

Leha Group and Nadec agreement

Leha Group and Nadec Company signed an agreement aimed at increasing the local contentRead more »

Signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding

Leha Company signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with the National …Read more »

Leha for Agricultural Services


Riyadh Intersection of Al-Dabab Street with Al-Thalatheen Street

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