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Bolan Steel Factory was established in Riyadh in 2005 on a space of 11000 square meters with a capital of 20,000,000 Saudi Riyals, the factory produces all kinds of steel pieces such as: I BEAM, U CHANNEL, EQUAL ANGLE in different measurements, and the annual capacity in the first stage reached 18,000 tons per year, and it will increase in the second stage to be 48,000 tons per year. Bolan Steel Factory produces all kinds of steel pieces in all types and measurements as standardized and special products as requested to be used in metal constructions, prefabricated houses, and industrial purposes. There were 50 employees, engineers, and administrators working in the first stage of the Bolan Steel Factory with unique expertise and competencies in the steel industry and they were trained internally and externally, it also has a research, design and development department as the factory depends on its own workforce in any development stage. Bolan Steel Factory meets and supplies the needs of factories, contracting companies, and metal construction companies from various steel sectors, which is distinguished by its conformity with the international measurements and specifications. In addition, the Bolan Factory supplies the new sectors to most cities in the Kingdom as the factory has a transportation fleet to meet the demands of clients inside and outside the Kingdom. The factory also exports to some Arab countries such as: Yemen, Jordan, Syria and Iraq. The Bolan Factory also depends on special workshops equipped with the latest modern machines to manufacture all the required spare parts. Bolan Steel Company was able to acquire a good portion of the Saudi market for all commercial steel sectors. As it had managed to spread at the foreign market’s level through exporting to some Arab countries, therefore, there will be a raise in the production volume to face the shortage in the local market. The Bolan Steel Factory depends on the local market for product infliction as well as the external market which represents a great importance in opening new and distinctive markets. The Bolan Steel Factory has a high-quality marketing and sales team with a high level of training in dealing with local and international clients, and the team also pays great attention to the after-sales service since the principles of the sales department are customer satisfaction and considering him as a partner in our success.

Our Partners

The Bolan Factory relies on local suppliers for raw materials who specialize in supplying raw materials that match the international standards, the factory also imports some raw materials from outside the Kingdom from countries such as: Kuwait, Turkey and Ukraine which are of a very high quality.


Exportation is an important and vital component in the overall marketing activities, so the Bolan Steel Factory has provided all the necessary means and possibilities for the success and support of its marketing plans outside the Kingdom, and that was by ensuring the production and supply of products that match the international standards. The Bolan Factory is proud to be competing with major international companies in the steel industry depending on quality, fineness and the use of technology while constantly developing them as well as competitive prices. Despite the substantial and continuous growth in the domestic demand for steel products the Bolan Factory has managed to continue to focus on the exportation policy by working continuously to raise the production capacity to meet and cover the local and foreign markets. The Bolan Factory is developing marketing plans in order to reach more neighboring markets with high competitiveness through the quality and fineness of the products.



EQUAL ANGLE Applications

Electrical towers and communication towers

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CHANNEL Applications

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I BEAM Applications

Commercial constructions and buildingsRead more »

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Bolan Steel Factory


Riyadh, Al Kharj Road exit 1212

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Phone : +966920006781

Fax : +966(11)4161145

Mail Box : 365385

Postal code : KSA Riyadh 11393

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