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The largest tree was the product of a seed. Through hard, diligent, earnest work the individual establishment, the Leha establishment for Agricultural Production grew into a group of companies. From a small seed that grew in the desert of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was the product that was a group of companies that serve that seed.

Leha for Agriculture was established in 1995 with a production capacity of 2000 tons of potatoes. Hence, our growth started with the confidence of our clients in us and in our products, and we have received great trust from them. Our participation in the success of the biggest local and international companies for manufacturing potatoes was in providing them with the product in the highest quality and efficiency inside and outside The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and reaching out to the consumer and making sure our product is on his table by producing table potatoes whether it was inside The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the countries of The Gulf Cooperation Council or the countries of Eastern Europe.

As we developed and grew, we started to establish our own subsidiaries that serve our product and clients, as we introduced a fleet of refrigerated trucks in 2003 which satisfies our needs and our client’s of transportation, to reach the fastest of solutions to meet the requirements of our clients inside and outside The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We also introduced the best storage and refrigeration solutions by creating our giant project under the name Leha for storage and refrigeration which includes the biggest refrigeration and storage warehouses in Riyadh, Al-Qassim, Ha’il, Wadi Al Dawasir, Jeddah and Al-Kharj.

As there was also a connection made for all the company’s branches to keep up in the midst of all the technological development through linking all the branches to the main branch where there is a centralized management to facilitate dealing with our clients. All these projects have been electronically connected to a central control network in the main administration in Riyadh to maintain the quality. It’s a growth and development that are witnesses on superiority and excellence over the years.

After that, we established Leha for Trading and Marketing to satisfy the agricultural requirements, and we contracted with agriculture products agencies from the most significant and best specialized companies in Germany and the Netherlands. Our company also specialized in providing agricultural seeds for potato products and the best equipment for specialized agriculture.

Leha for Architectural Contracting was established in 2004 to execute the constructional projects, and we also managed to attract the best specialized technical cadres and trained workforce to contribute to the urban growth and development of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The management group was focused on professionalism in satisfying the market needs by applying the highest professional and technical safety standards and maintaining the clients. We always strive to achieve success through the trust of our clients and providing the best services and products.

A word from the board members of the group

Mr/ Mohamed Hamod

Member of the Board

In light of all the growth and development of the companies that provide services and products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and for the importance of developing and improving the performance of our group so we can keep up with the development and…

Eng/ Youssef Al-Saleh

Member of the Board

There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and to develop our present, we must set a clear vision for our future. Yesterday was our beginning in one of the most vital fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and that is…

Mr/ Hamod Al-Saleh

Chairman of the Board.

From the start, we’ve realized the importance of developing and improving the services and products so we can keep abreast with the development and growth witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we’ve aimed to achieve the highest quality and safety…

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