Agricultural projects

Wadi Al Dawasir Project

Wadi Al Dawasir is located south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a latitude of 20 degrees to the north and on the border of the Rub’ al Khali desert. The soil type in this region is sandy and sometimes it’s sandy clay. Wadi Al Dawasir project is considered as Leha biggest project as the planted space in that project was 900 hectares in 2004, and it kept on increasing to be 1050 hectares in 2005 and reached 1750 hectares in 2006 and then 2600 hectares in 2011 and reached 4000 in 2016, there are different types of potatoes being planted there in the project like table potatoes and processed potatoes as well as the propagation for the seeds of these types, and the planting season in this region goes on from the first of September till the end of December, and on the other hand, the harvesting season goes on from mid-January till the end of April and it may also extend to reach the end of May.

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