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Laha Contracting Company:

Due to the urban renaissance witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Leha for Architectural Contracting was established in 2011. Specialized engineers were assigned to this field and thanks to God; many projects were received. Thus, the efficiency of the technical cadres and the appropriate employment, and the commitment to deadlines and executing the projects according to the highest standards.



Restoration of buildings

Restoration of commercial, industrial and residential buildings

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Construction buildings

Construction of commercial, industrial, residential and educational buildings

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Photo Gallery

  • 10 فريق العمل اثناء عملهم - مشروع مصهر بولان
  • 9 مشروع مصهر بولان
  • 15 مشروع بناء ثلاجة الخرج
  • 11 فريق العمل اثناء عملهم - مشروع مصهر بولان
  • 14 مشروع بناء ثلاجة الخرج
  • 13 مشروع بناء ثلاجة الخرج
  • 12 فريق العمل اثناء عملهم - مشروع مصهر بولان
  • 8 مشروع مصهر بولان
  • 7 انظمة تبريد الثلاجة
  • 6 انظمة تبريد الثلاجة
  • 5 ثلاجة وادي الدواسر منصات التحميل والتنزيل
  • 4 ممرات ثلاجة داخلية
  • 3 ممرات ثلاجة داخلية
  • 2 ممرات ثلاجة داخلية
  • 1 ثلاجة وادي الدواسر

Latest News


The Big 5 Saudi

From the visit of the Deputy Director General, Mr. Mohammed Al-Saleh

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establishing a truck workshop

Handing over the project of establishing a truck workshop

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awarded a long-term B rating and a T-6

awarded a long-term B rating and a T-6 short-term rating

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obtained a contractor approval certificate

Leha Architectural Contracting Company obtained a contractor approval certificate

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Laha Contracting Company


Riyadh Intersection of Al-Dabab Street with Al-Thalatheen Street

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Phone : +966920006781

Fax : +966(11)4161145

Mail Box : 365385

Postal code : KSA Riyadh 11393

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