words the board members of the group

Eng/Youssef Al-Saleh

There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and to develop our present, we must set a clear vision for our future. Yesterday was our beginning in one of the most vital fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and that is (agriculture) through founding Leha establishment for Agriculture Production which grew and flourished in the desert of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and turned the desert into a green land overflowing with good things on our kingdom thanks to God Almighty and thanks to attracting the best specialized agriculture engineers and skilled manpower, Today we have a variety of commercial and industrial activities, based on solid foundations that apply the latest technology of the industry and the highest standards of administrative systems, looking forward through our group (Leha group) to not only grow locally or regionally but also grow internationally on every level from the order to the administration and achieve widespread. And that is what we will achieve in the near future, God willing, putting in front of us the values and principles that we grew up on, the same ones that created our large group (Leha group) with each one of its employees working with a tremendous competitive spirit of respect and appreciation. Our goal is to be at the forefront. Investing in human development is the cornerstone of a successful and consistent business as our vision of success is that it lies in the satisfaction of our clients and in meeting their aspirations and needs. We continue to aim to improve our performance, and we will get there with God’s help and ability and the ambition of our employees, and we’ll continue to seek new opportunities to increase our activities inside and outside the Kingdom, so I pray to God Almighty for Leha group to maintain its journey and to contribute to the prosperity of our national economy and reinforce the development of our youth and our future society.

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